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SENDA at Posidonia 2024


自1969年成立以来,Posidonia已成为Athens Metropolitan Expo备受瞩目的国际海事展览。作为希腊航运业的重要枢纽和国际运输专家的聚集地,它吸引了来自世界各地的参展商和参观者。该展览会全面展示了造船和造船的最新进展,包括备件、配件和各种海事服务。

Since its inception in 1969, Posidonia has established itself as an esteemed international maritime exhibition held at the prestigious Athens Metropolitan Expo. Serving as a pivotal hub for the Greek shipping industry and an assembly point for international transport experts, it draws a diverse crowd of exhibitors and visitors from across the globe. The fair offers a comprehensive overview of cutting-edge advancements in boat and shipbuilding, encompassing spare parts, accessories, and a wide range of maritime services.

诚达在希腊 Senda at Posidonia

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在Posidonia 2024上,诚达展位吸引了众多参观者的目光,工作人员们精神饱满,与新老客户进行了深入而富有成效的交流。

At Posidonia 2024, the SENDA booth attracted the attention of many visitors, and our staff were full of spirit and conducted in-depth and productive exchanges with new and existing customers.


At the exhibition, our staff introduced SENDA's products and services, and answered the customers' questions about  product performance and market applications in detail, so that customers have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of SENDA.


In the exchange with existing customers, our team reviewed the past cooperation, and discussed possible new projects in the future. We conducted in-depth discussions on how to further enhance the efficiency of cooperation and reached a number of consensuses.


At the same time, SENDA team also actively contacts and exchanges with new customers. Not only introduced the advantages and characteristics of our company to new customers, but also proposed personalized solutions based on customer needs, opening up new market areas for the future development of the company.


In the future, SENDA will continue to improve products and services, deepen cooperation with customers, and achieve common development of both sides. We firmly believe that through continuous innovation and excellent service, SENDA will join hands with customers to create a better future.