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Sincerely wish you a happy Women's Day!



International Working Women's Day, also known as "International Women's Day", "March Eighth" and "March Eighth Women's Day". It is a festival established on March 8 every year to celebrate the important contributions and great achievements made by women in the economic, political and social fields.


历史意义 historical significance


3.8 International Women's Day is a day for women all over the world. This day is recognized by the United Nations and is a national holiday in many countries. Women from all over the world, despite being divided by different borders, races, languages, cultures, economies and politics, can celebrate their own festivals on this day. Let us recall the struggle for equality, justice, peace and development that took place 90 years ago.


时代新声 New Era



"In the process of the Chinese people's pursuit of a better life, every woman has the opportunity to lead a brilliant life and realize her dreams." 

In the new era, by taking concrete actions to create a fairer and more harmonious social environment for the development and progress of women, supporting women to make contributions and realize their dreams and pursuit, and allowing all people, including women, to benefit from the fruits of development, we will surely enable hundreds of millions of women to win a brilliant life in walking with The Times, and show their women's beauty in bravely standing at the forefront of The Times.

祝福 Gratitude





Dear fellow women,

Happiness has been convinced by you; Blessedness beckons to you;

Wealth  is waiting for you to meet; Auspicious all belong to you,

Senda wishes you  a happy Women's Day!