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Senda wishes you a happy Lantern Festival!


元宵佳节 The Lantern Festival


The Lantern Festival is on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. It is the first full moon of the year. Spring also comes from this night. People celebrate the Lantern Festival to celebrate the continuation of the New Year.

传统习俗 Traditional Customs

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The Lantern Festival mainly includes a series of traditional folk activities such as watching lanterns, eating tangyuan, eating yuanxiao, guessing lantern riddles and setting off fireworks.

In addition, many places have added traditional folk performances such as dragon lantern, lion dance, stilt walking, land boat rowing, yangge dance and Taiping drum in the Lantern Festival.

送祝愿 Gratitude




On this beautiful Lantern Festival, the sweet soup balls in the bowl are as full as the moon in the sky.

It's a harbinger of everything in 2024 will have a happy ending as the moon and balls are.

Wish you a successful career!

Wish you a good luck!

Wish you a warm reunion!

Senda wishes you a happy 2024!